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At Thriller Media Group, we believe that each client serves their clients in unique ways. As a result, our menu designers are committed to making the uniqueness of each restaurant visible in its menu. We have endless ideas that can help you craft compelling menus that will sell your eatery to both the young and old.
Our menu designers will create a food menu that portrays the atmosphere of your restaurant. By utilizing the ideal colors, fonts, and other essential components that suit the theme of your restaurant, we will subtly show your customers the types of foods as well as the quality of the service that they will receive from your staff. Whether it is a classy dining lounge or old-time Italian bistro, our menu designers will craft a menu that captures the overall atmosphere of your restaurant.


A brochure serves as a portable platform for advertising your business. While a brochure is usually designed to have important information that tells people about your services or products, its design plays a vital role in determining the kind of impression it can make. If properly designed, a brochure can arouse the interest of a prospective client to know more about what your business is capable of offering them. If you are looking for brochure designers, Thriller Media Group is the team you can trust. Our designers will create brochures that will tell the story of your established business or startup in the most captivating way. Designing your brochure with us at Thriller Media Group will certainly be one of the most rewarding investments in your small or medium-sized business.


Brochures come in different types and formats:

  • Product Catalog
  • Company Profile
  • Event Brochure
  • Sales Brochure
  • e-Brochure
  • Datasheet

We offer the following formats:

  • Tri-fold Brochure
  • Bi-fold Brochure
  • Flyer
  • Booklet

Professional Business Cards 

Our team will design business cards that reflect your personal identity and corporate image of your business.  The end product will be a design that is both functional and solution-based.

Business Cards for Different Entities

Whether you own a small, large or medium-sized business or you are a freelancer who requires branding, our energetic professionals can design business cards that can be used as a versatile promotional item. Our creative designers will take their time to analyze the service or product you are offering so that we can design a business card that will display the uniqueness of your business. We provide various spectacular designs and allow you to pick the one you love the most. Using the right font type, size, and color, our designers will make sure that the business card has a professional look.


Our designers will create a flyer that will showcase your products, services, mission and vision. By using the ideal font size, font type, colors, and images, we will help your company craft a flyer that will create a lasting impression.

  • Fashion
  • Corporate
  • Digital
  • Automobile
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Beauty and Healthcare
  • Automobile
  • Communication
  • Real estate

At Thriller Media, our flyer designers will utilize outstanding graphical illustrations to give a comprehensive description of your business. As a leading team of designers, we will ensure that your flyers are in line with the best practices of your industry and business.


Whether you own a small business that is just starting off or a large business that needs new signs for improved branding, we have the resources required to help you create incredible signs.
At Thriller Media Group, we have the experience, state-of-the-art equipment and the confidence needed to produce the best signs.