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We provide food and drink images that showcase the uniqueness of your menu items. By combining our technical know-how with attention to detail, we take awesome images that produce positive results. Using an array of props and lights, our professional photographers provide shots that give your food an appetizing look. We also capture images of the raw ingredients to show your customers what goes into creating the items on your menu.

Optimized for Various Platforms

We take photos that will give your Instagram and other social media platforms a professional appearance. Similarly, our photographs can be used for your food menu and advertising.

Flexibility in Staging

At Thriller Media, we capture your items in any location. We have photo boxes with various backgrounds and lighting elements or we can capture photos that highlight the ambiance and decor of your restaurant, bar or cafe.

We take the composition and the key elements of the items into consideration so that we deliver the best shots. Our experts will pay attention to the contrasts, lighting, and brightness to ensure that we produce vibrant images that are activate taste buds!

Are you ready?

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