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Love is a beautiful thing and should always be cherished. If you have found the one and feel it is time you walked down the aisle, let us help you tell the unique story of your love with our wedding photography services. Our services involve all genres of wedding photographs that will keep the memory of your big day alive forever.

Thriller Media Group’s wedding photographers will capture your amazing moments in a relaxed, natural atmosphere that will add the wow-factor you need for a breathtaking effect. Our creative wedding photographers will showcase you and your lover’s personality and character in the photos.


Of course, a wedding is one of the special moments that everyone wants to remember for a lifetime. We will deliver awesome shots that will evoke emotions of love. Whether it is the moment when the couple is sharing their first official kiss, having the first dance as a couple or sharing rings, we promise to give you classic shots that you will love to share with friends and family. Even your unborn children and grandchildren will love our shots.

At Thriller Media Group, our target is to make your wedding day unforgettable with digital and print photos that will continue to put a big smile on your face. We will include elements of sophistication, simplicity, and nature in your wedding photographs so that they can elicit sweet memories.


Your wedding photography should never be monotonous in terms of look and styles and this is why you need to hire us at Thriller Media Group. We can capture pictures of the couples alone, portraits as well as the couple with their family, their bridal trains and groom’s men, and friends. The combination of unsurpassed creativity and artistry will ensure that we achieve an outstanding result that you will be proud of.

If you want traditional wedding photography that provides classic shots and displays the most vital moments of your wedding ceremony, our professional photographers can give exactly what you want. We can also take contemporary wedding photos that showcase natural and unforced images of your wedding in different amazing backgrounds.


Our flexible wedding photography includes drone photos that will provide great aerial images of the event. This licensed drone photography spices up your wedding photos in a dynamic way. At Thriller Media Group, our high-quality wedding photography services are a wonderful investment that will provide the most crucial shots of the best day in your love life.


For your wedding photography, a team of experienced photographers will be at the wedding venue before the event begins. With this prompt team coverage, every special moment is captured in different ways from various angles and perspectives. We want you to have a wide range of selection that will be used to create a personalized photo album of your special day.


Your engagement is one of the special occasions that precede your wedding day. It is the first step to saying “I Do” to a lifetime of love, friendship, and partnership. Therefore, engagement photos are not ordinary pictures, they should be able to capture the emotions that come with proposing or saying “Yes” to your best friend. If you are looking for impeccable engagement photography services that will keep the memory of your engagement alive, look no further than Thriller Media Group.


We acknowledge the important roles that apparel and scenery play in producing the best engagement photos which is why we capture photos that depict the overall mood of everyone. By working with the ideal focus settings, filters, and white balance, we can take pictures that are perfectly adjusted to suit the features of the lovers and environment.

Our photographers are highly trained and skilled at designing the most intriguing engagement album. We will go the extra mile to provide a photo album that depicts the story of your love in a perfect way. Many lovebirds have trusted our engagement photographers and the results have always been fantastic.


In some instances, you may want to propose to the love of your life unexpectedly. We can work together with you to plan the surprise proposal in a way that your partner will cherish. Our engagement photographers will stay hidden in the environment until it is time for you to propose. And from that moment onward, let us take care of the photography for you.

Without losing the important elements of love, fun, and style, our professional engagement photographers will give you shots that can be used for embellishing your “save-the-date” invites.


Nowadays, proposals take place anywhere, so we are fully equipped to assist you with capturing surreal pictures in any location. Whether you are proposing at the beach, in your home, at a party, at a sporting event, in an airplane or even under the water, our photographers are always ready to take awesome shots. Just choose the date and venue and then count on us for the best photographs.

Fantastic Concert Photos

From capturing the reactions of the screaming fans as they sing along with the artists to taking astonishing shots of the guitar soloist, we we will not miss a moment!. Our veteran photographers will be positioned in different places across the venue so that no action goes without being perfectly captured. By taking magnificent pictures from different angles, we are certainly going to deliver images that exceed your expectations.
Although photos will look beautiful coming out of the camera, we will add more awesomeness to the photos by editing them. Our effective editing of the photos will highlight every detail of the concert and add glamour to how people view the concert. We have no doubt that you will be amazed by the final product.

Experienced Concert Photographers

Whether you are an established or upcoming band, we are ready to work with you at your next concert. Our versatile concert photographers have worked with many brands and at several concerts.
We will take the time to make sure that we understand every detail of your concert and create an approach that best suits you. We will be there before the concert starts and stay as long as we need to after it finishes to capture any additional shots.