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SEM Services

Simply put, Search engine marketing (SEM) is a marketing process that focuses on increasing traffic via the use of paid ads on Google, Bing, and other search engines. These traffic-boosting ads can come in the form of pay per click (PPC), cost per click (CPC), and paid search advertising. SEM campaigns involve sponsored website listings on the search engines.
We conduct extensive research to get keyword phrases that offer our clients the best and most effective pay per click (PPC) marketing campaign. Our SEM specialists will conduct timely and targeted monitoring and tweaking of the marketing campaign until we are certain that we will achieve the digital marketing goals of our clients.

Our Top-of-the-line SEM Services

To cater to the needs of our valued clients and take their businesses to the next level, our customized SEM services involve different strategies. Each strategy is implemented and monitored by an experienced SEM specialist who works 24/7 to make sure that each client gets the best results from their SEM campaign.
Thriller Media Group’s SEM services include:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management
  • CPC Management and Optimization
  • Market Analysis
  • Campaign Creation
  • Keyword Research
  • Performance Audit
  • Bid Management
Powerful and Diversified Marketing Strategy

Our tailor-made SEM campaign is powerful, diversified and measurable.  Unlike SEO that is less expensive but difficult to measure, SEM allows clients to see whether their marketing campaign is producing the desired results or not. If producing the desired results, our experts will further maximize the results. However, if the desired results have not been achieved, we are committed to tweaking the SEM campaign until the marketing goals of our clients are achieved.

SEM for Immediate Traffic

Our specialists can help our clients establish a PPC or CPC campaign that will bring their ads to the first page of search results. The ads become visible to the targeted consumers immediately. This will lead to immediate traffic to our client’s website whether the website is organically ranked high or not.

Long-lasting Traffic

Our SEM services at Thriller Media Group go beyond merely offering immediate traffic to our client’s business; it also ensures that long-lasting traffic is achieved. Our SEO professionals will manage the SEM campaign over time to guarantee consistent traffic to businesses.

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