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HDR Photography

HDR (high dynamic range) refers to the advanced series of editing required to improve an image. Generally, this involves modifications of the contrast ratios, adjustment of colors, and the combination of various images into one. Our HDR photography for real estate professionals is targeted at enhancing the images in your listings to meet the specific needs of your clients. Our experienced and versatile photographers will ensure that HDR retouching corrects the color, modifies light balance, adjusts perspective, and enhances the images. The outcome of all these tasks will be images that will captivate the heart of your clients and improve their chances of buying your properties.

Aerial Photos

Thriller Media will go the extra mile to capture awesome aerial images from a wide range of angles. When working with realtors, our goal is to captivate the attention of potential clients with perfectly captured pictures. All drones have 4K cameras to give clients an unmatched bird’s eye view in vivid detail.

Why Us?
    • High-quality editing of your photos

Our service does not end with just the raw pictures; we go further to edit the images. We will modify parameters of the captured images to bring out the best features.

    • High-End Equipment

We understand that high-quality pictures can only be produced by high-end equipment. Therefore, we have invested a lot into world-class equipment such as high-end cameras and drones that allow us to take unsurpassed shots from an array of angles.

    • Unbeatable experience and expertise

Each picture of your property will be captured and enhanced by an experienced and highly trained photographer. You can rest assured that we will provide the most aesthetic pictures that will showcase the full potential of your property.